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Juvenile Calendar

Booking information for Juvenile members.

All Juveniles will need to register online through our BRS system to gain access to Juvenile Competitions held throughout the summer months.

All Juveniles once they have registered, can then book online for Juvenile competitions.

Juvenile Timesheest will be available online during the Juvenile Golfing Season which is June to September.

The following is the Development Programme for summer 2012 Juvenile Development Classes.

Class A: The Basics: Monday & Wednesday. Play the Valley 6-12-18 Holes To Qualify for Grade B a Juvenile Must shoot 50 shots for 12 holes on a Juvenile Day.
Class B: Let them go: Monday & Wednesdays. Play 18 Holes off Yellow Tees. To Qualify for Grade C a juvenile must record a score of 36 or more off the Yellow Tees.
Class C: Earn the stripes: Monday & Wednesdays. Play 18 Holes off (Red) Tees To Qualify for Grade D Juvenile boys must record a score of 36 or more off (Red) Tees.
Class D: Play away: Monday & Wednesday. Boys play 18 Holes of Blue Tees. Girls play 18 holes off Red Tees.

Please click here for Extract from Bye Laws regarding Juvenile Playing Times

*If a Juvenile has trouble with any of the classes over a period of time they may be asked to go back a class for their own benefit.

This programme will remain under constant review for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

Please ensure you are booking the correct Tee time that matches your Tee colour.