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Course Closure

Closure of the Course

This document outlines the protocol to be followed when it is considered appropriate to close the course and our other golfing facilities, due to adverse weather or ground conditions.

Reasons for closing the course


Every effort is made by course staff, on an ongoing basis, to maintain a top quality golfing facility and to have the facility in play for the maximum amount of time.  Closing the course becomes necessary when:

  1. Ground conditions are such that the normal playing of the game is rendered impractical. This includes flooding of greens and holes in such as way as it is not possible to hole a putt.
  1. There is a risk of lasting or permanent damage to tees, fairways or greens.  In this context lasting or permanent is taken to mean damage that outlasts the normal drainage of the course and requires course staff intervention to rectify.
  2. Thunder or lightening in the area
  3. Wind speeds are considered to make it hazardous for golfers to be on the course.

Decision Making

The following is the order of precedence in decision making regarding the closure of the course:

  1. Course Superintendent
  2. Assistant Course Superintendent or another member of the course staff nominated by the Course Superintendent
  3. Club Professional
  4. General Manager 
  5. Course Chairman
  6. A member of the Course Committee

Whenever a decision is made to close the course, such decision shall be reviewed periodically throughout the remainder of the closure period.  Every consideration should be given to opening the course as soon as practicable and allow play to resume.

If the course closure occurs on a competition day, then the relevant committee (GUI/ILGU) shall determine if the competition is to resume once the course reopens.


When a person other than the Course Superintendent or Assistant Course Superintendent makes a decision to close the course the Course Chairman shall be informed as soon as practicable.

When a closure occurs on a Saturday or a Tuesday, regardless of who makes the decision, the Captain or Lady Captain shall be informed as soon as practicable.

For the duration of any closure the person who makes the closure decision is responsible for ensuring that the periodic review takes place and for the communication of the outcome of such review.  For individual convenience the person making the closure decision may delegate the decision to re-open the course to one of the people on the decision making list.

Golfing Facilities

Our golfing facilities comprise four distinct areas, each to be treated separately for closure purposes:

  1. Course
  2. Valley Course & Valley Practice Area
  3. Practice Ground
  4. Putting Green

A closure notice will specify what parts of our golfing facility are closed.