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An historic event – Castle's first Snooker Pennant

(23 Feb 2018)

One of the reasons we play and watch sports is to feel the highs and lows, the thrill of a win puts all the previous losses to the history books.

And so was the case with your Castle team last night. After events went against us last week, the team delivered a performance not seen before to finally win our first ever pennant.

It was a remarkable win against one of the snooker powerhouses Newlands A.

Played in the Grange golf club and packed to capacity the matches started and Castle on both tables blew their opponents away

Graham Walsh & Karl Ward were playing Stephen the ex pro and his partner and in fairness to Graham he kept Stephen clutching at straws the whole game

A masterful safety display gave Karl the opportunity to show his potting prowess and they had that game won from a long way out

On the other table Joe Connor & Mark Byrne proved far too good for their opponents, opening up a 46 point advantage before their opponents got on the score sheet

Again a masterclass of potting and safety from both players. 2-0 up, who saw that happening?

Fergal Behan & Eric Goodwin unfortunately came up against a man on fire even though they had an excellent start, 2-1

Garry Lyons & Diarmuid McAuliffe started well with Garry getting a 26 break to give them a lead but the Newlands duo battled hard and brought it down to the blue

At this stage it was a blue ball game as pink was open and black was over the pocket. The tension was mounting!!!

On the other table Declan McNiff & Nick Armstrong had started the final match and had built up a healthy 6-0 lead but all eyes were on the other table

Eventually after what seemed an eternity the Castle got home with a 3-1 score line

A fantastic finish to a long and at times gruelling season and just rewards for the recent efforts.

Make no mistake, this was a statement of intent for next season !!!!!


Best of luck to our Ted Fearon panel for tonight’s final against Milltown

Can we make it two out of two????