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Strategic Development Review Group Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

Castle Golf Club

Strategic Development Review Group


The club, in line with its stated strategy, wants to maintain its position as a Golf Club that offers high quality facilities to its current and future members. It seeks to continually invest in its facilities to maintain and improve its offering. It does so through on-going year on year investment in maintenance and renewal, within the principles of prudent financial management.

The last major investment in the clubs infrastructure was 15 years ago. Within the next two years the Club will have repaid all of its term debt associated with that major investment. It is now timely to consider whether we should engage in further significant investment in our facilities to meet the above ambitions, while maintaining a robust financial profile.


This group is set up for the specific purpose of making recommendations to the Board of the Club on Strategic Capital Development initiatives, if any, which should be considered for implementation over the next 5 years.

The scope is to consider investment initiatives on the Clubhouse, the Course and any other physical facilities of the Club. As general guidance projects of greater than €50,000 individually come within scope. Below this level would be expected to be covered by normal annual capital budgeting. The annual rolling machinery replacement programme is excluded, as is refurbishment work on the clubhouse facilities e.g. recent bar refurbishment.

In establishing this review group the Board wishes the following issues to be included in the SDRG’s considerations:

The entire downstairs of the clubhouse is inefficient, and could potentially be better organised.
A new Club Professional will be in place in 2016. The facilities available to that person by way of shop and teaching facilities are of a lower standard than many of our peers.
The current Catering contract will be in place for a maximum of 3 years. The current kitchen facilities are not of a standard to attract the best replacement.
The electric caddy car store is an inefficient use of prime clubhouse space.
There is a course development plan in place. However Practice facilities may be capable of further improvement and course buildings areas may potentially be better utilised.


This is not an exhaustive list. However the SDRG should be guided by the Clubs overall written strategy and ethos. Any large spend (and it’s financing) should be justified by tangible long term benefit to the members.


The SDRG will be comprised of people with professional skills in Design, Development, Finance and Catering combined with long term knowledge and experience of the Club, particularly in the areas of House and Course.

The SDRG will use its own resources, the staff of the Club and qualified advisors that it considers appropriate, the costs of which will be approved in advance by the Finance Committee.


The SDRG output will be a detailed report to the Board setting out a range of development options that should be considered. These may vary from minor individual developments to a major integrated development plan. It will review the funding options for these developments. It will make recommendations as to which, if any, should be implemented by the Club together with viable funding proposals.


The SDRG will complete its report to the Board in May 2015. It will make interim progress reports in January and March.

Further action and process will depend on the conclusions of the Board’s deliberations.


The SDRG will meet at least monthly to set, implement and review its work plan and outputs. The Chair will decide the quorum required for meetings and the format of any minutes.

Membership of SDRG

The SDRG will be comprised of:

D. Lernihan (Chairman)

Finance Director

Development /Architecture / Design representative(s)

Catering representative

House Chair

Course Chair

General Manager

The Chairman may add additional skills as required.