Trackman Golf Lessons 

Trackman Golf simulator is now at Castle Golf Club provided by resident PGA Professional Colin Clancy.
Below are the 3 most common questions regarding trackman. 
  1. Why Trackman?  
Trackman is the worlds leading technology used by qualified Golf Professionals to improve their players golf game. The best coaching starts with the best assessment.    
  1. How does Trackman work? 
Trackman uses an advanced dual radar system which measures the point of impact of ball and the club. In addition, numerous cameras will record & analyze your unique golf swing.  
  1. What are the benefits? 
Trackman gives Colin, your PGA Professional, information on your key golfing metrics and through his lessons, he’ll help you to:  
  1. Improve your accuracy & distance 
  2. Improve the shape of your shots 
  3. Greater understanding of you own swing 
  4. Immediately learn how far you hit the ball 
  5. Immediately know, if your clubs are suitable for you 
  6. Remember your lesson - video commentary sent after every lesson
  7. Understand your swing 

Colin’s experience  
Colins experience has been that Trackman significantly speeds up the process of player improvement. Even after more than 10 years coaching golfers of all levels, he firmly believes if a coach is not using Trackman they are missing out on a huge opportunity in their players’ development. 
Every adjustment in a trackman session is recorded & measured and emailed to the golfer. Each player has a unique swing – trackman allows each golfer to get the very best from their own swing.  
Trackman Features at the Castle Golf Club
Trackman Gapping - Reporting 
The gapping software is the perfect way for players to find out exactly how far they hit each golf club. Quite often it highlights that many players don’t have the correct balance of golf clubs in their bag. Each player gets a detailed report emailed to them on every club in their bag.  

Driver Optimiser 
Are you hitting your driver as far as you should be? Trackman pinpoints the area where you are losing distance from the tee and Colin will identify areas where improvement can be made. 
Trackman Golf Courses 
Trackman has over 50 courses from around the World on its Golf Simulator. This is a comfortable (especially in poor weather) and effective way for golfers to have fun playing with their friends while learning course management and understanding how to plot their way around the golf course. Contact Colin for trackman availability.